BOC volunteering on the Basingstoke Canal in Woking.

Does your Company want to become more involved in the local community?

If you are not yet involved in community activities, then Volunteer Woking can help you make connections that will benefit your business, your employees and the local community.

Corporate Volunteering in Woking

What are the benefits?

Active involvement in the local community can bring a range of benefits to your business from gaining new insights into potential business opportunities to raising staff morale by offering challenging training and development opportunities for employees. For example, one local company ran weekly employment workshops for a charity supporting the homeless. As a result the volunteers enhanced their skills in a way that would not have been possible in the normal workplace and this project also boosted the company’s reputation locally. Other companies have chosen to spend their employee volunteering days on environmental projects, swapping suits for boots to build sensory gardens, wildlife ponds and clearing scrub land on Horsell Common. The chance to be away from the office, working closely as a team, learning new skills and having something tangible to show at the end of the day has been universally welcomed. Case studies demonstrate clearly that corporate social responsibility at its best is not a one way street but a partnership that rewards all those involved.

The power of Corporate Volunteering 

FE volunteering at The Hermitage Primary School

Menzies volunteering at The Oaktree Infant School

How to get started?

Please e-mail Volunteer Woking (as below) who will send you a list of current charities looking for help and support. You will be able to make direct contact with the charity. It doesn’t matter if your business is large or small there will always be a way to help the local community, whether it be a hands on volunteering day, individual volunteering or sharing business expertise with a local charity, Volunteer Woking are here to help you find a community project that suits you and your business.

To find our more please get in touch or call 01483 743851

Donating to The Woking Community Fund

The Woking Community Fund is a fund specifically for the benefit of Woking and its residents established in partnership with Rutland Woking Ltd. This local company is leading by example by donating 10% of its profits to the fund but is also encouraging others to engage in local giving to develop a greater capacity to respond to local needs.

The Woking Community Fund supports local community and voluntary groups who are making a difference to the quality of local community life by awarding grants to fund their work. The Fund enables and encourages local giving to support local communities to develop and thrive by supporting voluntary effort, not just for a single cause, but across all sectors including; isolated older people, those affected by long term illness and disability, the environment, sport and recreation, young people, families and community facilities.

Woking Community Fund – Community Foundation for Surrey (


Have you considered having a charity collection can in your office?

Did you know that on average one collection can placed in a local shop or business will accumulate £41 in loose change! Charities are looking for volunteers to help increase the amount of collection cans they have in the community – not only do they raise vital money but they also help raise an immeasurable amount of awareness.

If you think your business would be interested in having collection cans in the workplace then get in touch with us to discuss further.


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